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Save a Family from Eviction  

This campaign is being run for a great cause.

Campaign Owner: Mrs. Miriam Yerushalmi

Sane- Emergency Fund

Branch Campaigns

Baruch Hashem, over $3,800 HAS BEEN RAISED.

26% of goal

(campaign progress listed to the right includes credit donations only)

Please consider forwarding this campaign to your friends and contacts, by clicking on "Create a Branch Campaign".

Great is the person who causes others to give.

We'll I'MH reach the goal of saving this family with your help.

Checks written to SANE are being received at:

 640 Eastern Parkway #4C, Brooklyn NY 11213

Your donation is tax deductible as SANE is a 501c3 org. [ID# 50304]

Thanks for taking part in this incredible mitzvah.


Anonymous 09/02/2013 US$36.00
Anonymous 10/22/2012 US$18.00
Hindy Light 10/22/2012 US$10.00
Anonymous 10/12/2012 US$100.00 rabbi nahman says : EIN YEUSH BA OLAM K...
Anonymous 10/07/2012 US$36.00
Anonymous 09/28/2012 US$18.00
chani blotner 09/25/2012 US$36.00
Anonymous 09/25/2012 US$75.00
Anonymous 09/25/2012 US$50.00
Anonymous 09/24/2012 US$36.00
Anonymous 09/24/2012 US$10.00
Mordechai Wilhelm 09/24/2012 US$18.00
Anonymous 09/23/2012 US$18.00
Anonymous 09/23/2012 US$30.00
Anonymous 09/23/2012 US$18.00
Anonymous 09/23/2012 US$36.00
Anonymous 09/22/2012 US$36.00
Anonymous 09/22/2012 US$18.00
Anonymous 09/22/2012 US$5.00
Anonymous 09/22/2012 US$50.00
Anonymous 09/22/2012 US$50.00
Anonymous 09/22/2012 US$100.00
yehudis levin 09/21/2012 US$50.00
Anonymous 09/21/2012 US$36.00
Anonymous 09/21/2012 US$36.00 Hatzlachah! May Hashem pour down all bra...

US$ 1,429 (10%)

US$ 14,000
by 11/08/2012

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