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Faith for Change Graduation Ministry  

This campaign is being run in the spirit of dropout prevention.

Campaign Owner: Romal Tune

Helping Kids Like Me!

Faith for Change is dear to my heart.  At the age of 16 I left California to avoid becoming a victim of the streets. With no money, failing grades, not knowing where my mother was at the time I packed up and moved to NJ. My grandmother said "leave and don't look back, there's nothing but trouble for you on these streets, I'll miss you but go."

Next month I'll return to my old neighborhood after being gone for more than twenty years. Past visits have only been for funerals. I will go back to help churches working to get kids off the streets and succeed in the classroom. No funeral this time, but I'll go back with two college degrees, a book deal, CEO of the company I started eight years ago and Faith for Change.  I only wish my grandmother was still here to see me come home to do some good. 

You can help us grow and continue our work with kids like me by making a small donation of $5 - $10. 

You can also use Rootfunding to raise money on our behalf. There are many ways that you can join the cause. The is a grassroots campaign where people give what they can and spread the word to their friends, family and co-workers (take a look at the tools in the Tell Your Friends section). Even better, you can easily set up your own branch campaign customized for your network of contacts by hitting the Create a Branch Campaign button above.

Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!

Romal J. Tune, Founder & Exec. Director

Faith for Change


Cristen Owens 05/01/2012 US$10.00
Tracie Robertson 04/16/2012 US$20.00 Keep up the good work! Thank God for you...
Lynn Trice 04/11/2012 US$25.00
Konyia Clark 04/05/2012 US$50.00
Shayla Sears 04/05/2012 US$10.00 I support this organization because I ha...
Steve Berlack 04/04/2012 US$20.00
Rev Dr Susan K Smith 03/30/2012 US$25.00
Anonymous 03/27/2012 US$15.00
The Unity Bridge 03/26/2012 US$10.00 Unity is a Powerful Force!
Travis Long 03/26/2012 US$5.00
Anonymous 03/25/2012 US$40.00
Worokya Duncan, Ed.D. 03/25/2012 US$25.00 Please, keep doing the work you are doin...
DarleneTune 03/24/2012 US$10.00 I wish I could donate more, maybe in the...
Jennifer Dahl 03/24/2012 US$25.00 Quarterly
Stephen Hightower 03/23/2012 US$20.00
Cynthia Arrington 03/23/2012 US$10.00 May God continue to bless your good work...
Adrianne Sears 03/23/2012 US$25.00 I believe in this work. We are our brot...
Jen Johnson, California 03/22/2012 US$25.00 I was also also "at risk" as a young per...
RITA BROCK 03/22/2012 US$10.00 Quarterly Romal, wonderful of you to do this.
Romal 03/22/2012 US$10.00 I'll make the first donation.

US$ 535 (11%)

US$ 5,000
by 07/31/2012

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