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Jessica Felber's Campaign for Hasbara Fellowships  

This campaign is being run in celebration of Hasbara's Tenth Anniversary.

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Dear Friends & Fellow HF Alums,

I am thrilled and proud to be a Co-Chair for Hasbara Fellowships' Tenth Anniversary Campaign.  Hasbara Fellowships is an amazing organization that is very close to my heart.  It gave me the knowledge, training, and confidence necessary to stand up for Israel on campus while I was a student at UC Berkeley.  
Hasbara Fellowships offers a wide variety of effective pro-Israel campaigns, ranging from Israel's environmental advances to humanitarian aid and democracy, all while their dedicated staff, of which I was privileged to be a part of from 2010-2011, constantly offers strategic guidance and support to students.  Often, even before I could think about what I needed as an Israel activist on campus, I'd receive a phone call from my Hasbara Campus Coordinator asking me if he could help me in any way by providing materials, help secure funding for pro-Israel programs, or offer great advice!  Truly, Hasbara Fellowships is on the front lines, assisting students in any way they can almost immediately.  

I know firsthand from my time as a Hasbara Fellowships Campus Coordinator that the organization puts a priority on doing whatever they can to assist potential student leaders in finding funding to participate in their two-week long, intensive activism training in Israel.  While the program is already very highly subsidized for students, Hasbara Fellowships cares so deeply about cultivating tomorrow's Jewish and pro-Israel leaders that they go the distance to ensure that qualified students can participate and not be turned away due to inability to pay.  

So, friends...please make a Tenth Anniversary gift to Hasbara Fellowships, an especially important organization critical to convincing tomorrow's policy makers of the justice of Israel's cause!  Become part of the movement to create the next generation of ambassadors for Israel.

Thank you and warm regards,
Jessica Felber
Hasbara Fellowships, Winter 07-08
West Coast Campus Coordinator, 2010-2011


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