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The Orah Mital Recovery Campaign  

This campaign is being run in support of helping Orah Mital on her road to recovery.

Campaign Owner: Shoshana Baitz

This campaign is dedicated to helping Orah Mital Habosha on her road to recovery; as well as lighten the financial burden on her family. All the money raised will go directly towards Orah Mital's care and continue securing her with the best therapies. Any amount you can contribute would be greatly appreciated! 

On September 24, 1991 Mital Habosha was born, a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Her happiness was contagious, making those around her share in her joy, and her smile alone would light up the room. Mital is just one of those people who is always positive and sees the good in every situation.

On August 3, 2007, misfortune struck. Mital, at a mere 15 years of age, was in a tragic car accident. The doctors were not very hopeful about her condition. They predicted there would be no alternative than to pull the plug and end her life. Her family however, did not give up. They continued with all of her friends and family to pray for Mital to have a full recovery. They decided to add another name, Orah, meaning light in Hebrew. 

After lifesaving surgery was performed, Orah Mital started to show signs of life and began to respond to stimuli. She awoke from her coma state, thank G-d, and recognized her family and friends. Orah Mital even came up with a system of blinks to communicate with her family, but unfortunately, she has yet to regain her ability to speak. Orah Mital continues to teach us the true meaning of faith as she continues to recover from a traumatic brain injury, a very long and difficult journey.

Orah Mital has been going to weekly intensive physical therapy sessions for the past three years. It continues to be a big part of her recovery process. Although it can be hard, demanding, and even painful at times, she continues to give it her all at every session. She has also started Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy along with Brain Core Therapy (Neurofeed) which has shown to assist in her recovery tremendously.  

Orah Mital has never given up hope and neither have we. It is very frustrating for Orah Mital to be unable to communicate properly with her family. Everything that used to come so easily for her is now an immense struggle. But her courage and strength continues to shine through each day as she strives to make more progress in her recovery. Although each step in the recovery process is small in itself, each step for Orah Mital is a milestone. 

Unfortunately, starting in June, Orah Mital will no longer be able to recieve therapy from the Board of Ed Services. Her family is working hard to come up with the necessary funds to continue getting Orah Mital the best therapy and care. It is imperative that Orah Mital continues getting the financial support that is needed for her to progress in her therapy. She deserves to be given the chance to move forward on her road to recovery. She has not given up until now and neither should we!! Please Help us help her!

If you would like to donate towards this cause, please click on the green "Donate Now" button. You can also start your very own branch campaign by clicking on the blue button above! To visit our official website for Orah Mital please click on the link below.  Please check our website frequently to stay updated on the latest news of Orah Mitals’ recovery, as well as any information we have on events planned! Thank you so much for your continued support!


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Anonymous 05/20/2016 US$50.00
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Chaya M. Chayo 01/16/2015 US$36.00 Will keep Ora Mital in my prayers. Sweet...
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