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Hair We Share

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Hair We Share
4 Expressway Plaza
Suite LL14
Roslyn Heights , NY 11577

About Us

Thank you for "Making the Cut" for Hair We Share


Along with hair donation a fundraiser will insure that Hair We Share can continue to give free wigs to those in need.


Easy as 1 - 2 - for a successful campaign 


1. Make it personal

Write a message maybe you are doing this to honor someone or just because - tell your story on your campaign page. Upload a photo everyone will want to see your beautiful hair!

2. Set your goal high

We will pay it forward to another campaign that may go unsponored.

*It can cost up to $1000.00 to make one wig

3. Share it everywhere

Use the social media widgets to share your campaign, ask your family and friends to contribute small amounts to reach your goal.


To get started  click "Launch a Campaign" above. 


For assistance with your fundraiser please contact Sandy Ungar:


Hair We Share Mission : To help maintain confidence, dignity and self-esteem to those undergoing medical hair loss.

To learn more visit our web site



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Emma Ennis's campaign for Hair We Share
Owner: Emma Ennis
Target Date: 09/21/2017
Goal: US$2,000
Raised to Date: US$0
Amy's fundraiser to make a wig out of my...
Owner: amy anderson
Target Date: 12/31/2017
Goal: US$1,000
Raised to Date: US$0
Reese, Andi and Christy's campaign for H...
Owner: Christy Orthner
Target Date: 06/23/2017
Goal: US$1,000
Raised to Date: US$0
Misaki's campaign for Hair We Share
Owner: Misaki Ojiro
Target Date:
Raised to Date:
Stephanie Clay's campaign for Hair We Sh...
Owner: Stephanie Clay
Target Date:
Raised to Date:

Fundraising Summary

Total Raised:
US$ 7,756
Monthly Pledges:
US$ 80