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Hair We Share

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Hair We Share
4 Expressway Plaza
Suite LL14
Roslyn Heights , NY 11577

About Us

Hair We Share

Hair We Share makes wigs through donated ponytails but we also need financial donations to make wigs.

It takes a few minutes to "Create a Branch Campaign" Which is a fundraiser that when dontating a ponytal will sponsor the wig your hair will be made into.

Our goal is to create a wig in every size color and style so that we can have them readily available for cancer patients.

Established in 2013, Hair We Share helps less fortunate individuals with alopecia and other medical hair-loss issues who cannot afford quality hair solutions. 

A 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity your donation is tax deductible.  We are proud that Hair We Share is quickly gaining footing in the alopecia and medical-related hair loss communities, while making quality of life improvements across the nation for the forty million Americans who suffer from hair loss.

A financial donation will help Hair We Share meet our goals to make quality customized wigs for recipients, which are provided free of charge; and help us create an assortment of attractive wigs in many different colors, designs, sizes and styles which are readily available to those in need.


Please help us lift some of the burden of those suffering with medical hair-loss conditions.   With your help we can make an impactful difference in these men, women and children throughout the country.

To learn more visit our web site



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Jessica Castello's campaign for Hair We ...
Owner: Jessica Castello
Target Date:
Raised to Date:
Stephanie Clay's campaign for Hair We Sh...
Owner: Stephanie Clay
Target Date:
Raised to Date:
Lauren coffey's campaign for Hair We Sha...
Owner: Lauren coffey
Target Date: 05/20/2017
Goal: US$1,000
Raised to Date: US$275
I made the cut for Catherine
Owner: Suzanne Chimera
Target Date: 05/31/2017
Goal: US$1,000
Raised to Date: US$1,100
Lilah Rohrer's campaign for Hair We Shar...
Owner: Megan Rohrer
Target Date: 10/15/2016
Goal: US$200
Raised to Date: US$350

Fundraising Summary

Total Raised:
US$ 6,960
Monthly Pledges:
US$ 80