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My daughtor Adilyn has decided to cut 11inches of her hair and donate it!  We've been talking about donating her hair for a while now and she decided it was time .  After making the cut I started to research where to send it to and Hair We Share seemed like the right place .  After they receive the donated hair they rely on donations to help get the wig made and so we decided to launch a campaign to try and raise the funds to get Adi's hair made into a wig.  After Adilyn's hair gets made into a wig we will get a picture of the child who received the wig.  I couldn't imagine a better life lesson for my kids.   To help others with such a simple thing as cutting your hair , when these children are going through so much.   If you could donate anything you can to help get Adilyn's hair made into a wig.   Thanks you !  Feel free to pass along to your friends and family to get funds raised. 

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