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Why Root Funding?


Higher Success Ratio

When a person is asked by a friend, family member or co-worker to consider helping out with a cause, that person is typically inclined to give in order to support the efforts of that person. People give to people, with the organization itself often taking on a less prominent role in the decision to give.


Ease of Use

Supporters can be up and running with their own personalized campaign pages in minutes. Once set up, notification blasts can be immediately sent via email, Facebook and other social networks. No need to worry about donation processing and logistics, they are automatically handled through the website.


Person-to-Person Networking

Requests for donations can take on a viral nature, where recipients of donation requests can easily set up their own ‘branch-campaigns’, and promote the fundraising page to their own network of contacts, and so on…



The campaign owner can track who donated to the campaign and generate customized thank you notes through the site. For those who have not yet responded, specific follow up messages can also be distributed.


Power of Grassroots Activity

During these challenging economic times, it is harder for charities to rely on the large donors. As a result, it is important for these organizations to focus on reaching out to as many of the smaller donors as possible, and give their existing supporters the tools to conduct their own person-to-person grassroots campaigns. Targeting small donations from a large volume of people is an effective way to diversify and expand a non-profit’s base of support.


Popularity of Online Giving

The percentage of donations that are given online is growing rapidly each year. This correlates to the increasing percentage of younger donors, who are much more computer savvy than the traditional donor population. Root Funding allows our participating non-profits to capitalize on this important trend.


Small Monthly Donations Add Up

While Root Funding can accept donations of any size and frequency, we encourage our users to structure their campaigns in such a way that potential donors are asked to give small contributions each month. Since the use of Root Funding provides an atmosphere that maximizes the chances of a positive response (i.e. personal solicitations, small donation requests, simple user interface), large amounts of individual donations can be collected each month, thereby providing the non-profit with a diverse source or recurring income.