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Fundraising Tips


Keep it Personal

The power of the approach to fundraising is simple:


The chances that a person donates to a non-profit are far greater when the request comes from somebody that they know and trust.


So use that advantage, and personalize your campaign as much as possible. In addition to finding a worthy cause, dedicate your efforts in honor of somebody's accomplishment (i.e. graduation, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, sporting achievement, etc.), or perhaps in memory of someone close to you who has passed away.

When creating your campaign page, be sure to communicate not only the special work that the non-profit that you are supporting does, but also why this organization is important to you. Has it touched your life, or the life of somebody close to you, in a special way? Is the non-profit facing particularly challenging times that require extra support from the public? Is the non-profit looking to roll out some special services, but cannot until it finds a way to fund them? While you do not want to give your visitors too much to read, make sure that you get your message across, as this will have a tremendous influence of whether they decide to donate.


Pictures and Videos

In most cases, people will visit your website because they know you. So stay with the personal theme, and consider adding pictures of yourself or of those to whom you are dedicating your fundraising efforts. Perhaps you want to add a video of yourself talking about the organization that you are supporting, and why this non-profit is special to you.


Set Goals

We live in a goal-oriented society. Set a goal that is both realistic, but slightly aggressive. People will be motivated to see you hit your target, and will give accordingly. Explain to your potential donors why you set the goal as you did. Perhaps you are trying to buy a certain amount of toys for a children's hospital, or are seeking to raise monthly cash flow to provide for a predetermined amount of disadvantaged people. Make it real.


Get Others Involved

What makes so exciting is that it provides people with the ability to run a grassroots fundraising campaign easily and efficiently. We are all familiar with the concept of a grassroots effort. It involves many people, who are primarily working independently, to come together and make a large impact on behalf of a common cause. When you send out your notifications, in addition to requesting donations, ask for a little more. Ask your friends and family to consider forwarding your notification to their circle of contacts. Or better yet, perhaps they would set up a branch-campaign under yours. If a small percentage of these people take you up on this request, you will see the power that this network marketing approach has on your fundraising success. This is grassroots activity at its best. Mobilize your friends and family to join with you in not only giving a donation to your cause, but in helping to spread the word.


Emphasize Small Monthly Donations

Most non-profits receive donations in spurts. They will get money towards the end of the year as people typically make their yearend tax deductable donations. They will also receive money in response to other fundraising initiatives that are conducted throughout the year. The problem is that it is hard for the non-profits to know how much is coming in, and when. This presents all types of challenges when it comes to maintaining positive cash flow, undertaking expansion efforts, or creating a realistic budget.

The approach encourages people to set up campaigns that look for monthly recurring donations. The goal is to ask as many people as possible to donate small amounts each month. The donation should be small enough that it will not make any noticeable impact on the donor's life. While a $10 donation each month may not sound like a lot, if you can get a large amount of people to join together and make this pledge, then you will have successfully added valuable monthly income to the non-profit that you support.


Follow Up

Be sure to send out periodic notifications that tell people how the campaign is doing. Thank those that have supported your efforts, and gently encourage those that did not respond to consider donating to your cause. People will be interested and inspired by your efforts, and may even be motivated to create a branch-campaign under yours, or launch a completely independent campaign. Perhaps certain potential donors were not ready to give when they received your first notification, yet they may react differently when they receive the next one. By maintaining regular communication, you will keep people plugged into your fundraising project.


Get the Kids Involved

Exposing children to the concept of helping both non-profit organizations and the people that they support will have a long-lasting positive impact on their lives. Most kids today are well acquainted with the internet, as well as various social networking sites. Show them how to use these resources through in order to help others. The tremendous sense of satisfaction that they will get from this process will enhance their self confidence, and raise their sensitivity to the plight of others.


Remember to Have Fun provides you with a creative and easy way to make a substantial positive impact on the charities that are important to you. It also allows you to take the lead and work towards a common goal with your friends and family. Be creative with the process, and invite those who are close to you to pitch in. You will see that people will be impressed with your efforts, and they will want you to succeed. Enjoy the experience. Most people have a natural tendency to do good, and you will be touched by the response that you will get. Beyond that, you will feel unsurpassed satisfaction as you monitor the results of your fundraising page, and know that the results of your efforts will be helping a wonderful cause that is so important to you.